About the Author

Growing up in Marietta instilled in me a sense of wonderment about local history. My playground was the land shrouded in the mystery of the ancient Moundbuilders. Theses prehistoric people gave me Sacra Via Park and the Mound Cemetery in which to explore and wander. Brick streets, old trolley tracks, and the creaking wood floors of the downtown stores served as a visual palette of a life that had come before me. Summer afternoons were spent browsing through the artifacts at Campus Martius Museum and feeding fish by the W. P. Snyder, Jr. sternwheeler. Family conversation would proudly speak of my great grandfather’s trek from Germany to settle in Marietta to operate the Marietta Brewing Company of the late 1800’s.

After retiring from teaching social studies at the local middle school, I rekindled my childhood interest in Marietta’s past. I read old newspapers and assorted documents that led me to understand that Germans were a large part of Marietta’s growth in business, religion, and culture. As a Marietta tour guide, I found visitors were more than charmed with my hometown. It was through these experiences that I decided to write the book, Behind the Doors of Historic Marietta, a self-guiding tourbook that visitors could use when visiting Marietta.


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