Step-On Guide for Charter Tours visiting Marietta
The tour around Marietta takes about one hour and half. I give information on various historical sites and people, history, economics, and share stories associated with those sites.

Presenter for Groups and Meetings
Power point presentations may be one to two hours in length. Details/time may be discussed to meet the needs of the group.
– Marietta history and sites
           – Influence of Germans on Marietta
           – Marietta in the Gay 90’s

Marietta Family Heritage Tour
Using city resources, I am able to research records that offer information to assist individuals with their family’s history.  In addition, I will develop a personalized tour of where the family lived, worked, and interacted in the community.  This is a private, customized experience that will bring to life the people and places of past generations in Marietta.

For additional information about any of the services listed above, please call Jann Adams at 740-525-5462




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